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Redis - make it your best friend

Performance is always a headache in web development. Sooner or later in the life cycle of your application, you will need to tune up the app to make it run

Skip ActiveRecord callbacks

 rails, active_record

Callbacks are great and many business rules are often implemented in those callbacks to maintain data consistency and perform useful actions in app. As you might know, we can define

Customize File upload control

 html, css

Unlike other form controls such as textbox, checkbox or radio button, you'll find it hard to customize file upload control. The look and feel of this control is totally managed

Gem Idol: Friendly Id

 rails, best practices

This week, I would like to introduce a gem which is being used in almost every project I have been working on. And it becomes more important for us nowadays

Gem Idol: Figaro

 rails, best practices

Today, I really want to start something different which I believe would be very helpful to new Rails developers. I remember the time when I first came to Rails world,